Saturday, July 14, 2007

10. Video Killed the Regular Blog

People are getting bored with my blog sooooooo I've decided to mix it up with some video entries. I've got two finished but am hoping to make four in total. You can check out the first two now but you will have to check back for the other two later this week or next.

Video 1: My Farm
Video 2: My National Park
Video 3: The Band
Video 4: My Home
Video 5: My Work

My Farm: a 5 minute video about my first experiment with farming.

My National Park:
a 4 minute video to market the park where I work.

The Band:
a 3 minute video of a pretty crazy band.

Comments are cool as they motivate me to make more of this kind of stuff! Thanks for watching.


Levi said...

Nice videos! I'll use the farming one during pre-departure next time. Thanks for all the effort you put into making this.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Keep the good work in Zambia going

Justin said...


Great videos. I really appreciate the effort that you put into them and I am going to pass them on to friends.

Justin Jacques

Mallory said...

Hey Chad

Fantastic videos but we weren't getting bored with your other postings, they are great too!!

It's nice to see you in action with your farming and to know you are alive and well!! It's amazing that you can coordinte all that technology from where you are. Looking forward to the next two.

Mom and Dad

Justin said...

Hey Chad,

Great videos. I second your parents though, I still like the normal blogs. Your story telling, messaging and thoughtfulness make me stop and ponder every time! Enjoy the tail end of your experience and THANKS for all the sharing you've done:)

Erin said...

I LOVED IT! I almost started getting a little emotional at the end of the farming video. This is a video that I hope you will use again and again. Yes, I take my hat off for small holder farmers, but it also goes off to you for getting in there and actually experiencing it for yourself. I'm looking forward to the other videos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad!
These videos are incredible!!! Can't wait for the last two to come. And I'm incredibly homesick now and want to be back there. Think you could find a way to make that happen? Heehee, just kidding :) Glad you're liking Lusaka...when do you fly out? Take care!

Lianne said...

Hey Chad keep up the good work! your videos are great and really help to get a feel for what your life in Zambia is like. Please keep them coming

bob Mulligan said...

Hey Chad

Great blog, keep up the good work. I have worked in Zambia before but I am taking my wife this time and it is a first for her, so her family has been really interested in your perspective. I will be working up at Lumwana, just East of Solwezi, if you are ever around just drop in. Regards

Tina Randall said...

Awesome Chad, I second that. I'm on the edge of my seat for the next two!

CHAD said...

Hey Chad,
Nice to know there's another chad in country...keep of the grass chap!


Anonymous said...

are you still in zambia ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad,
I stumbled across your blog afer an EWB search and have been admiring it. I'm part of the Ottawa EWB professional chapter and I think I met you very briefly at an EWB wine and cheese event way back in 2005 in Ottawa. You were one of the guest speakers. I also have a friend (also an EWBer) who spent 3 years in Zambia, also through EWB.
Your blog is wonderful, keep it up.